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US Car Show on 09/24


American street cruisers in front of the Hanse-Center Bentwisch

A very special highlight will be offered to the visitors of the Hanse-Center Bentwisch on Saturday, September 24. The EAST COAST CRUIZERS IG American Cars Rostock e.V. invites on this day to the show of American street cruisers. Already for the 8th time the US-Car- & Country Day will be held at this location and from the Cadillac with high tail fins to the mighty pick-up all vehicle types will be represented. At the sight of the chrome-flashed American road cruisers from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, many car enthusiasts' hearts will beat faster. Also with a newer model every driver of an American car can participate in the show. From Saturday morning from 10 am until around 4 pm, the vehicles will be presented to the public in more detail by an expert presenter.